When considering a franchise, you will talk with many folks.  Here are three people you should put on the top of your list!


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1.  Franchisee in your area

The franchisor or sale representative may give you a list of franchisees for you to call.  After calling those franchisees, look at the list of franchisees. Call the franchisee nearest you or the franchisee in a part of the country that is most like yours;  in the same size city as yours, in the same climate or seasonal pattern as you, and with population demographics most like yours.

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2. A member of the franchisee advisory counsel

Many franchise systems have a franchisee advisory board or counsel.  If the franchise your considering has a franchisee board or counsel, reachout to a member of the advisory counsel or board.  They can tell your about the franchise initiatives, challenges, and successes.


3.  Franchisees that left the system.

Now that you have talked with the the sale respresentative, franchisor, franchisees, and advisory counsel or board members, it is time to talk with the former franchisees, franchisees that left the system. They may have sold their franchise, cease operating their franchise, or had their franchise terminated.  You want to know the story.  Life takes us down different paths.   Are there things you can learn from their experiences.


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