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The concept of Gettins’ Law was contrived over a happenstance business lunch. I introduced myself to a fellow attorney on a national American Bar Association listserv. We were both practicing attorneys, in the same area of law, and in the same city. We should meet.

Over lunch and a soda, we introduced ourselves. He promptly informed me, he was leaving private practice to take a job in-house with a local company. “Did I want to transition into private practice,” he inquired. My initial response was: “You should have asked before I ordered a soda, I would have ordered a beer.” Throughout my legal career, I had worked in-house for numerous national brands. Before that, I worked in the healthcare field. I had an educational background in psychology and law. I did not know anything about running a private law practice. I had never considered opening my own legal practice.

I took inventory of what I did know. I knew how business folks viewed law, how businesses operated from the inside, and I knew how to listen to business folks. Business folks, unlike me, don’t like legal. They don’t sit around and read legal cases, regulations, statutes. They don’t want to. I have to make it simple. Give them the need-to know information without the legal jargon, in their own vernacular.

I set out to develop a law practice that made sense to business. Develop a law practice that endeavors to scale down the volumes of legal red tape. The mission was to create a law practice that provides digestible, practical, and efficient legal services.

Initially, I did not stop to ask what other attorneys and what other firms were doing. An over site, maybe. Perhaps it was a lapse in logic. Inevitably, I began to notice. Gettins’ Law does not follow the norm. This gave me pause. I thought for a time. I came to a realization. No, we don’t want to be the norm.



I am Mary Beth Gettins. 

I began my legal career serving as in-house corporate and general counsel, working for national brands. Currently, in private practice at Gettins' Law, I continue to bring my legal services to national brands and local business owners.  In addition to being the author of the Gettins' Blawg,  I have authored and presented books and materials on wide variety of the topics.


The Intellectual Intersection: Copyrights, Trademarks, Patents and Franchising.  CLE presentation for the Ohio Northeast Lawyer's Association.  January 2013.  Mary Beth Gettins.

Answers for Franchise: Franchise Disclosure Document Update: a workbook compilation.  January 2012. Inspired Press Publishers. Mary Beth Gettins

My Little Book of Franchise Terms. 2012. Inspired Press Publisher.  Mary Beth Gettins.

 New Ohio Dangerous Dog LawsWebinar and video for Harlequin Haven Great Dane Rescue. September 2012. Mary Beth Gettins.

 Disaster Prevention for Your Business. Presentation for Legacy Connection Business Group. February 2012. Mary Beth Gettins.

 Start Your Own Business: Franchising. Presentation SCORE and SBA Southwest Ohio Series. Fall 2010.  Peg Stookey and Mary Beth Gettins.

 Legal Basics for Operating your Franchise Businesss. Presentation for House Doctors New Franchisee Training Program. June 2010-September 2012. Mary Beth Gettins.

 Marketing Within the 4 Corners of the Law”, The Ultimate Guide to Home Health Marketing and ReferralsHome Health Line. 2004. Mary Beth Gettins and Elizabeth Zink-Pearson.

I am a member of the Ohio State Bar Association, American Bar Association, American Bar Association's Forum on Franchising.  As a life long dog lover and dog owner, I am proud to be  the treasurer and voluntary attorney for Harlequin Haven Great Dane Rescue.


Mary Beth with her first Great Dane, Roxanne


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