To better support and educate and be a resource to our clients, we at Gettins' Law have prepared informational Fact Sheets on topics that are important to franchisors and franchisees.  Click on the links below to access the Facts Sheets and Videos.


Expansion Alternatives

Introduction to Trademarks 

Choosing a Trademark

Background Check- Developing Proper Policies and Procedures

Americans with Disability Act, 2008 Amendments (Video)

Should I be a corporation or limited liability company:  a business questionnaire


Tips for Negotiating a Commercial Lease

Business Formation


Franchise Advertising

Building an Operations Manual

Franchise Disclosure Laws

Keeping the Franchise Disclosure Document Up to Date

Franchise Renewals:  Thoughts and Ideas

SBA Addendums

Updating your FDD for the New Year

Holding Periods and Disclosure Laws

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