Franchise Disclosure Document Update Timeline: A business checklist

It is year end. Everyone is in a furry accomplishing year end business; closing deals, budgeting for next year, and preparing for franchise conferences. But, what about focusing on updating the franchise disclosure document? No, it is not too early. Start now. Eliminate the last minute blitz and going dark. Here is a simple manageable checklist to get the disclosure document update done on-time without the panic!

3 Thoughts on “Franchise Disclosure Document Update Timeline: A business checklist

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  3. Earnest Gasquet on April 27, 2013 at 6:25 am said:

    Franchisees will need an operator’s manual telling them exactly how to run one of your franchises. Starting that documentation process now will save time and money later, especially when you turn your work over to a consultant to produce the finished product. Be detailed and thorough. “Start with an outline on how to prepare the food, fix the problem or perform the service that is the backbone of your business,” .:

    Take care

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