Privacy and Security: Healthcare Providers Preparing for the Perfect Storm.


I was approached recently by a Dental Practice. The practice was purchased from a retiring dentist. As part of assuming the practice, the new Dentist wished to implement health care technologies into the practice. This would mean getting on-board with HIPAA.

“Surely, there are good HIPAA compliance solutions available for health care providers. The HIPAA Privacy and Security Rule is not new, it has been around for years.” That was my initial response. I worked in the health care industry for more than a decade before going to law school. After law school, I practiced health care law. I remember in 2003, I drafted a complete HIPAA compliance manual for providers. After doing some research, I discovered that the available HIPAA compliance solutions, especially for small health care providers, were limited. The available options are overly complicated, expensive, difficult to implement, and devoid of on-going support and training.

How can this be? Privacy and Security is one biggest challenges facing business today. Perfect Storm is how Dr. Ron Ross of the National Institute of Standards and Technology [NIST] describes the use of technology in the Health care industry. In his presentation at the 5th Annual OCR / NIST HIPAA Security Rule Conference, Dr. Ross reported that the “explosive growth and aggressive use of information technology; proliferation of information systems and networks with virtually unlimited connectivity; and increasing sophistication of threat including exponential growth rate in malware [malicious code] all adds up to a perfect storm.” Dr. Ross believes the perfect storm will result in an increasing number of penetrations affecting security and privacy.

bigstock-Computer-hard-drive-and-a-stet-27414140As privacy and security threats heighten, the Department of Health and Human Services [HHS] Office for Civil Rights [OCR], earlier this year released final rules clarifying HIPAA requirements. In its analyses of the final rules, the American Health Information Management Association [AHIMA] reports the changes call for more deliberate investigations and penalties. The changes signal tougher HIPAA Rule enforcement. Currently, under HIPAA Rule, violators can be assessed penalties up 1.5 million dollars.

Frustrated by the options available, I created a HIPAA solution for small health care providers. Gettins’ Law is built on making legal compliance practical for businesses. We take pages and pages and pages, layers and layers of laws, statutes, and regulations. Boiling it down, we put it in language that makes sense to business. Create a system, best practices. Create a solution for business.

Utilizing almost twenty  [20] years of combined experience in the health care industry and at law, a HIPAA solution was created. The compliance solution offers a turnkey HIPAA legal assistance from start to finish. It infuses an individualized risk assessment, on-site consultation, staff training, and easy to use HIPAA policies and forms. It is specially created and customized for small heath care providers. For a sneak peak of the HIPAA Solution follow this link:


HIPAA Solution

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