In December of 2010, the Federal National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) enacted a rule requiring employers to post notice to their employees outlining their right to collectively bargain, unionize,  and strike.

A excerpt from the required notice is below: 


The notice requirement extends to most private sector employers including retailers, non-retailers, and suppliers with revenues greater than $500,000; health care providers, law firms, and childcare centers with revenues greater than $250,000; and nursing homes, visiting nurse associations, and shopping centers with revenues over $100,000. 

Failure to post the notice could result in the filing of employee complaints for unfair labor practices.

Per the notice and the rule’s announcement, the NLRB “believes that many employees protected by the NLRA are unaware of their rights under the statute.  The intended effects of this action are to increase knowledge of the NLRA among employees, to better enable the exercise of rights under the statute, an to promote statutory compliance by employers and unions. 

In an environment of recent ballot issues over workers’ rights and challenges over collective bargaining by government workers, firefighters, police officers, and teachers the NLRB’s new notice requirement is mired with objection. 

Incident to a lawsuit filed by the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), the NLRB has voluntarily postponed the mandatory employer notice posting until April 30, 2012.  The lawsuit by the NAM questions the NLRB, saying the notice is a “new unfair labor practice,” “the NLRB does not have authority to require the posting,” and the notice opens the door to improper employee complaints. 

NEWS BULLETIN:  Employers duty to comply with the NLRB notice requirement is delayed until April 30, 2012.  Stay posted for further developments. 

NEWS FOR YOUR BUSINESS: Employer Union Notice Delayed, Again….
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