An owners’ dispute-  Employee misconduct-  Breach of contract-  Default under a lease-  Nonpayment of services-  Violation of a non-competition  or confidentiality agreement-  Delivery of nonconforming goods or services- Trademark or copyright infringement. 

There are  perhaps countless areas of potential conflict . At least to some degree, conflict may be an unavoidable part of doing business. But, conflict should not paralyze your business operations, jeopardize your assets, impair your company morale, or cause a financial crisis.

Borrowing from our many years in the social work and the health care field, we offer a different approach to resolving conflict. We start from the desired outcome in mind.

Conflict Resolution We believe litigation is the last resort.  You don’t want a judge or jury determining the outcome.  If you have a conflict, schedule a Virtual SideBar with us.  We will discuss the issue, alternatives and potential liabilities! Or, send us a message below: 

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