From the moment that you consider buying a franchise, through the operation of your franchised business, to the selling or winding down of your franchised business, Gettins’ Law  is here to serve you. Person under crumpled pile of papers with a help sign / isolated

Franchisee Disclosure Review:  Considering buying a franchise?  The franchise documents and agreements can be daunting.  Learn about your franchise obligations and how your franchise opportunity compares to industry standards. 

Franchised Business Support.  The operation of franchised business effects the vendor relationships you establish, the services that you offer consumers, the agreements that enter into with employees, let us support you in growing your business. 

 Franchisor Dispute Resolution.  You have countless less rights and obligations under your franchise agreement and under franchise laws and regulations.  Over the course of your franchise relationship with the franchisor conflicts may arise. 

Counsel for wrapping-up your franchise business.  When you decide to sell your franchised business, not to renew your franchise, or your franchise agreement is terminated, let us help you navigate your post termination obligations and the sale of your  business assets.      


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