Whether you are considering franchising your successful business or you are an established national franchise system, let Gettins’ Law brings their impeccable service and experience to you. bigstock-Solution-12768251

  • Preparation and updates of Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD):   We employ a no hassle  electronic submission process for updating and creating FDD.  No long paper documents for you to complete. 
  • State filing of FDDs and franchise advertisements We employ a tailored CRM system to facilitate the efficient timely submissions of your state registrations  and to keep you up to date. 
  • Resolution of Franchisee/Franchisor disputes.  We employ a common sense system building approach to resolving disputes and enhancing your franchisee relations. 
  • Trademark registration and infringement defense.  We provide the trademark services to protect your brand and grow your Marks. 
  • Vendor/ Supplier contract negotiations.  We bring a franchisor wise prospective to building and establishing vendor and contract relations. 
  • Franchise Seller training and education   We provide fact sheets and consultation to foster best practices for franchise disclosures and sales.
  • Document preparation We make perfecting that franchise deal easy with our document preparation services. 

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000016891655_ExtraSmall_1Click here to visit our resource library for help full fact sheets, videos, infographics!

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