You are the franchisor.  You are the Brand Leader.  You have a lot on your plate!

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You don’t want to be bogged down handling legal stuff.  You just want to protect and grow your brand.  You want to do what you do best!  That is why we are here.  We take care of the legal matters.  You can go on with running your business!  We offer all of the services you need!

 Franchise disclosure preparation and registration.

Trademark registration and infringement protection.

Franchise sells and franchisee compliance.

Franchisee and staff training.

Comprehensive Legal Services:  One attorney to handle your legal needs.

 You are not just a franchisor.  You are an employer.  You contract with vendors and suppliers for the services and products you need.  You offer valuable products and services to your customer.  We  are here to manage your full legal needs.  We offer legal service beyond franchising.  We are your virtual general counsel.  For years we have offered general counsels to national brands.  We have the knowledge and experience with the areas of law that touch you.  Let us be your virtual general counsel. 

We offer flexible service packages to meet your needs. 

We offer al carte legal services, flat and hourly rate, and retainer arrangements with your needs in mind.  Ask for more information about our service packages!

Do you have a question or want more information.  Contact us.  Complete the form below.


One thought on “Franchisors

  • May 6, 2013 at 5:19 pm

    The first thing to remember with a franchisor is that they are there to sell you a franchise. Even the best franchisor out there will attempt to market their product and downplay other franchises. What you want to realize here is that their goal and game is to have successful franchisees but that does not prevent them from possibly making a wrong fit with you. You are your best advocate. Keep your head and do not let their enthusiasm become overwhelming to you. ::

    Have a good one


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