HIPAA Compliance Solution

Privacy and Security are one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today. Heatlh care providers and others in the industry are required to follow special rules commonly referred to as HIPAA.   HIPAA can be confusing, overwhelming, and missteps can lead to huge legal liabilities.   Penalties for HIPAA violations can be up to $1.5 million dollars.

Take a 4 minute HIPAA Health Assesment.  See how your HIPAA Compliance Scores!


HIPAA Health Assessment

How did you score?

Developing a HIPAA compliance program that fits your business or practice can be overwhelming. But, it does have to be. HIPAA allows and requires that compliance programs be aligned with the scope and nature your business. Our HIPAA Compliance Solution gives you the tools to be and stay compliant without imposing burdensome and unnecessary demands on your office.

Take a look.  Here is an excerpt of the HIPAA Compliance Record Book including a full view of the table of contents and sample policy and form.

The HIPAA Compliance Record Book Excerpt

 Our HIPAA Compliance Solution includes:

  •  A HIPAA Risk Analysis;
  •  Easy to follow polices and forms;
  •  Coordination and facilitation of Business Associate and Subcontract Agreements;
  •  Staff Training and Security Reminders;and
  •  On-going support, monitoring, consultation; reviews, and updates.


Contact us to be HIPAA compliant and get a copy of our HIPAA handout.



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