Health Care Privacy and Security S.T.A.T.

Privacy and Security are one of the biggest challenges facing the heath care industry today!.  The threats to health care security are countless:  inadvertent employee errors, loss of devices, theft, computer virus and malware, technical snafus, malicious attacks, natural disasters, hackers.


With the move to electronic records and ever advancing technologies the privacy and security challenges are amplifying!

The failure to adhere to HIPAA and state privacy and security laws can cost big.   Penalties for HIPAA violations can be up to $1.5 million dollars per violation.  And, a single security incident can affect 1, 10,  hundreds, or thousands of individuals and numerous violations.  With ever-increasing frequency, patients are waging claims and law suits against health care provider, health insurers and Business Associates.  Groups of affected individuals are filing class action claims.

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 Health Care Privacy and Security S.T.A.T.

Health care providers, health plans, clearinghouses, and Business associates are required to follow HIPAA Standards and Implementation Specifications.  Gettins' Law Privacy and Security S.T.A.T. offers the support you need to become and stay HIPAA Compliant.

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