April ’15 Privacy Cartoon of the Month



Each month we develop a privacy blawg inspired cartoon. We come up with the cartoon content description. The description is the product of our warped wandering mind. The cartoon description is sent to a professional cartoonist who draws the cartoon based on our description.


This month’s cartoon is about email hijacking!  Discovery Why is E-Mail a Health Care Hackers’ Best Friend? visit:  http://gettinslaw.com/hipaa/2015/03/25/why-is-e-mail-a-health-care-hackers-best-friend/


See what Happens if Your Email is HijackedClick here or visit:  http://gettinslaw.com/hipaa/2014/10/21/what-happens-if-your-email-is-hijacked-health-care-security-alert/


And, make sure to read FBI’s warning about Business E-mail CompromiseClick here or visit  http://gettinslaw.com/hipaa/2015/03/16/have-you-heard-about-the-business-e-mail-compromise/


Do you like the cartoon? We offer free cartoon clingies of our cartoons. A clingy is a reusable sticker. You can put a clingy on your laptop, desk, filing cabinet, copier, or any flat surface. Cartoon clingies add a little humor to the office AND work as great privacy awareness reminder.


Get you free cartoon clingy by clicking here or enter you address below or go to:  http://eepurl.com/2Kl21.


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We will also sent you helpful information about maintaining the privacy of information, how to take advantage of our other awareness tools, and a subscription to our free privacy tips newsletter.

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