HiTech Terms: What does IoT stand for?

tech terms you should knowIoT is an abbreviation for the Internet of Things. IoT means physical electronic devices with software that connects to the internet to share or obtain information.


Can you identify common and new IoT devices?


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So what are the security concerns with IoT devices? IoT devices can pose a loop hole, an avenue, for the hackers to penetrate and access office computer systems and devices. If hypothetically for example, a hacker is able to hack into your FitBit, which is connected to your phone or computer, the hacker will have access to your cell phone and/or computer.


IoT provide just one more surface for the hackers and malware to eat into, corrupt, and exploit your information.


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As always the answer is not to run from technology. Technology enhances our lives. The trick is to know the risks, train staff about the risks, and put policies and procedures in place to safeguard against the risks.


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