March ’15 Privacy Cartoon of the Month

User Authentication and encryption doesnt work if the thief has the password  (2)Each month we develop a privacy blawg inspired cartoon.  We come up with the cartoon content description. The description is the product of our warped wandering mind.  The cartoon description is sent to a professional cartoonist who draws the cartoon based on our description.


The idea is to pick a privacy and security topic that desires special attention.  Each cartoon is based on an event, incident, or topic discussed on the Gettins’ Blawg.


This month’s cartoons is based on the Post:  Where do you keep your keys and passwords?

Read the post that inspired the cartoon by clicking here!


Do you like the cartoon?  We offer free cartoon clingies of our cartoons.  A clingy is a reusable sticker. You can put a clingy on your laptop, desk, filing cabinet, copier, or any flat surface. Cartoon clingies add a little humor to the office AND work as great privacy awareness reminder.


Get you free cartoon clingy by clicking here or enter you address below. 

We will also sent you helpful information about maintaining the privacy of information, how to take advantage of our other awareness tools, and a subscription to our free privacy tips newsletter.

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