What? A Hippocratic Oath for Devices?



Yes!  I Am the Cavalry has published a proposal for HIPPOCRATIC OATH FOR CONNECTED MEDICAL DEVICES.  The purpose of the Oath is to ‘preserve patient safety and trust in the healthcare system as a response to the increasing reliance placed on connected devices in the healthcare sector.’


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Reliance on connected devices in health care.  I Am the Cavalry sites topics within health care that are touched by connectivity.

  • Implantable
  • Telemetry
  • Imaging
  • Diagnostic
  • Radiology
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Home Healthcare


It is not the ambition of I Am Calvary to dissuade use of technology. To the contrary, I Am Calvary sees technology as lifesaving, but asserts that technology can pose a risk by failing to safeguard human life.


The healthcare industry has adopted computerized, connected technologies to more rapidly deploy improved medical devices. Over half of the medical devices marketed today operate on software: implantable; diagnostic machines; monitoring devices. These technologies have amazing capabilities to save lives, diagnose quickly and improve quality of life, and therefore a security failure is a failure to safeguard human life.


While not expressly stated, deductively, the devices, which are relied on by patients and health care providers can be hacked, corrupted, lost, or rendered   inoperable by virus and malware.  [A]a grassroots organization that is focused on issues where computer security intersect public safety and human life.


I Am Calvary’s position is buttressed by citations to news stories dating back to 2011.


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So what does the I Am Calvary propose?  The HIPPOCRATIC OATH FOR CONNECTED MEDICAL DEVICES has 5   cybersecurity capabilities for all medical devices:

  1. Cyber Safety by Design: Inform design with security lifecycle, adversarial resilience, and secure supply chain practices.
  2. Third-Party Collaboration: Invite disclosure of potential safety or security issues, reported in good faith.
  3. Evidence Capture: Facilitate evidence capture, preservation, and analysis to learn from safety investigations.
  4. Resilience and Containment: Safeguard critical elements of care delivery in adverse conditions, and maintain a safe state with clear indicators when failure is unavoidable.
  5. Cyber Safety Updates: Support prompt, agile, and secure updates.

Hypocratic Oath

The HIPPOCRATIC OATH FOR CONNECTED MEDICAL DEVICES offers great fundamentals, but is short on particulars.  Its fundamentals are rather basic- design devices with security in mind, be transparent about safety and security issues, create a forum and knowledge base about how safety and security have/can been addressed, and limit device safety and security risks and provide updates for devices.


I Am   Cavalry movement was formed in response to concerns over the impact of cybersecurity threats on public safety.  Its efforts are focused on cybersecurity issues relating to four main areas of public safety: medical, automotive, home electronics, and public infrastructure. All members are volunteers, and offer their time and expertise free of charge.


If your office uses health devices, including those listed above, it is important that the devices are included in your employee training, HIPAA Risk Analysis and Policies and Procedures.


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