What is apps must have HIPAA safeguards?

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What apps are you using or developing?  Do they need to follow   HIPAA’s [or other federal privacy laws] safeguards?  Apps are great.  They can help with delivering treatment far more efficiently.  They can improve quality of the care, communication with patient, education, and tracking-monitoring illness.


However, all the information that we are importing, accessing, storing is sensitive information.  And, at the end of the day, you don’t want it falling in the wrong hands or being used to the patient’s detriment.


The government FTC [Federal Trade Commission] has designed a new litmus test to determine which software mobile apps must follow HIPAA guidelines.  With the answering of 10 simple questions, you will know if the software application that you are using or designing must comply with HIPAA.


Yes, even the software that providers, insurance plans, and business associates use may need to follow HIPAA guidelines.



You can take the test at:  https://www.ftc.gov/tips-advice/business-center/guidance/mobile-health-apps-interactive-tool



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