At Gettins & Nelson we believe in giving back to the community. 


One of the ways we give back is by giving our time and donations to Harlequin Haven Great Dane Rescue (HHGDR).  Managing attorney, Mary Beth Gettins, adopted her first Great Dane from HHGDR in 1994.  She was twenty-four years old. Living alone, new to the city of Cincinnati, and away from family, she was the victim of a strong armed robbery.  Looking for companionship and support, Mary Beth adopted ‘Roxanne’ from HHGDR.  She answered an newspaper advertisement for a dog looking for a new home.  HHGDR ran the advertisment.  When Mary Beth arrived at HHGDR, she met Roxanne. 

Roxanne was a 3 year old Great Dane who was surrendered to HHGDR after her owners got a divorce.  “Roxanne was my roommate and best friend.  I can remember walking to United Dairy Farmers (UDF) in the summer.  We would share an ice cream cone walking home.  I got the first half, Roxanne got the second half and the sugar cone.”  Ever since then, Mary Beth has shared her home with a Great Dane and most of the time 2 Great Danes. 

1995 Mary Beth and Roxanne

In 2004, Mary Beth Gettins began volunteering at HHGDR.  Today, she spends one day  a month at HHGDR cleaning, getting the facility ready, and meeting with persons that wish to adopt a Great Dane.  She is the volunteer treasurer and provides free pro bono general counsel legal services and fee based litigation services to HHGDR. 

Mary Beth makes the Volunteer Spotlight:  Harlequin Haven Great Dane Rescue Newsletter

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