Businessman Stomping Out The Competition

Whether you just started your business or you have been in business for a while, we have the services to support you!

Business Formation.  Business owners that establish a formal business entity (a corporation or limited liability company) are afforded a level lability protection.  Let us help you decide which entity type is best for you and get you on the path to formal business ownership!

Employee and Staffing Matters.  Your employees and staff can be your biggest resource.  But, they can also be your biggest liability.  Talk to us about formalizing employee and independent contractor arrangements, drafting best practice employee handbooks, and resolving and minimizing conflicts or risks may arise.

Vendor and Supplier Contracts.  Whether having a website designed or getting raw materials for the making of your product, as a business owner, you will be engaging with a lot of other businesses and people to make your business work.  Workout our arrangement with vendor and suppliers from the onset, prevent problems and liability later.  Call us; we can help write the agreements or review the agreements before you sign!

Real Estate and Premise Leasing.  If your business has a physical location, you know the cost of rent.  Rental costs can be one of your biggest business expenses. Let us review your lease before you sign.  We will examine the lease for hidden liabilities and provide you with provisional safeguards that can protect you.

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