June 26, 2015

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Announcing STAT Privacy Platform for HIPAA Healthcare Privacy and Security



STAT Privacy Platform, launched in June by Gettins’ Law, LLC, is especially designed to support mid and small size healthcare providers, insurers, and Business Associates to comply with HIPAA and state healthcare privacy and security laws. STAT Privacy Platform offers a custom order all-inclusive STAT Privacy Pak or al carte products and services. Following an intake consultation, STAT Privacy Pak delivers a comprehensive risk analysis; HIPAA vulnerability rating; action steps to improve information security; customized policies, procedures, and forms manual; recorded and live webinar staff trainings; and on-going security monitoring tools and awareness reminders.


Illiana L. Peters, According to OCR Senior Adviser for HIPAA Compliance and Enforcement, OCR investigated 122,000 data breach reports affecting fewer than 500 patients in the last 5 years. The number of minor breaches affecting less than 500 individuals outpaced major breaches by more than 10 fold. The number of major breaches affecting more than 500 individuals was only 1,176 for the same time period. http://healthitsecurity.com/news/ocr-and-nist-conference-highlights-hipaa-data-breach-statistics/


Large health care organizations and insurers have whole security departments devoted to privacy and security. ‘The big cases hit the news every day. However, the threats to small entities are just as real. Midsize and small providers, insurers, and business associates have fewer staffing, monetary, and other resources available for information security,’ comments Mary Beth Gettins, developing attorney and manager for STAT Privacy.


What is the solution? How do providers, insurers, and Business Associations address security risks, if they do not have or cannot afford to employ their own security department?   ‘It is not an option to forgo technology,’ reports Ms. Gettins. ‘Midsize and small providers, insurers, and Business Associates must utilize technology to remain competitive. The key is using technology safely. For entities of all sizes, information security requires taking inventory of the places and things used to store, access, and share information. It requires putting safeguards in place and giving staff basic knowledge to recognize and avoid security threats and vulnerabilities. From small to midsize entities, the security program needs to be proportionate and customized to its business. It needs to be flexible, efficient, and deployable   with limited staffing and other resources.’


And, with STAT Privacy, you don’t get boilerplate policies and training that don’t fit. As its tagline suggests the STAT Privacy Platform is for all the people, places, and things that use, store, and access health information incorporating a customized look at computer systems, devices, software applications building in such things a BYOD, cloud computing, web portals, emailing, and remote access to information.


STAT Privacy by Gettins’ Law, LLC was created in consultation with IT professions and is backed by more than 20 years of combined health care and legal experience. Gettins’ Law has been on the forefront of health care privacy and security. Now it offers STAT Privacy Platform Information Security for people, places, and things.


Discover more about STAT Privacy Platform at: www.statprivacy.com and make sure to get their free privacy cartoon clingy and screen savers!


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