Notice of Privacy Practices

Notice of Privacy Practices


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The HIPAA Rule requires that patients and insured are give a copy of Notice of Privacy Practices.  A copy of the Notice of Privacy Practice must also posted on your website and if patients come to your office, the notice must be posted at the office.


The department of HHS has published a set of the model Notice of Privacy Practices templates that must be customized with your office information and the state laws that govern your office practices.


Let us prepare your office's Notice of Privacy Practices. 


We will customize the model notice with your specific information and applicable state laws in 3 template forms for distribution and posting!

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Statistics reflect that Business Associate Agreements account for approximately 20% of the health care breaches.
Business Associates are the people and entities that health care providers and health plans contract with to provide services. Business Associate can include accountants, IT professionals, and consultant.

Under the HIPAA Rule, health care providers and health plans must enter into Business Associate Agreements [BAA] with their respective services providers whereby the service provider covenants and agrees to maintain the privacy and security of identifiable personal information.

New regulatory changes went into effect in September of 2013, Business Associate Agreements must be changed going forward. Get the update Business Associate Agreement tailored to you and let us help you identity your Business Associates.