STAT Privacy Pak

STAT Privacy Pak



The STAT Start-Up Pak offers everything you need implement a privacy and security program at your office in accordance with HIPAA and applicable state laws.


Here’s how it works.

Schedule an Intake Consultation.  The consultation takes about 40 minutes.

We do the rest. 

1. We construct a risk analysis using the information from the intake consultation, we outline your security vulnerabilities. We give you recommendations on how to improve you information security and what action steps are required to become HIPAA compliant.

2.  We build your office policies, procedures, and forms you need to document and maintain your privacy and security. The policies, procedures, and forms are custom prepared for you. They are built on how you use, store, and share information. All forms [authorization forms, compliant forms, business associate agreements just to name a few] are prepared in adobe format to allow electronic input and completion.

3.  We conduct a live training presentation covering privacy issues, security risks, and the must dos security safeguards for your staff. We also provide one month free recorded trainings for any staff that are unable to attend the live presentation. Extended viewings of the recorded training is available on a per viewing price basis for any new staff members.

4.  We send you quarterly privacy reminder to help you maintain privacy and security at your office.

STAT Privacy Pak does not include system or workstation configurations or verifications. It does not include support or assistance with specific security or privacy incidents. Please see our other available products or services or contact us at [513] 342-4598 or by email at