Security Risk Analysis

Security Risk Analysis


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Are you in compliance with HIPAA and other privacy and security laws? Discover what you must do and can do to improve information security.

STAT Risk Analysis includes a 150 point checklist of your office’s privacy and security.

A STAT Risk Analysis examines all the places and things that you use to store, access and share information:

Workstations including [desktop computers, laptops, tablets]
Peripherals [copiers, printers, fax, credit processing machines, phones]
Software and applications [practice management software, cloud software, instant messaging, texting]
Network servers and backup drives
Internet connections [WiFi, wireless connections, VPN]
Portable devices [cell phone and tablets]
File sharing, email hosting
Hard copy files system
Thumb drives, CD Roms, Backup Tapes, SD cards

And, all the threats to your health information:

Loss, theft, and vandalism
Hacking and malware attacks [virus, trojans, phishing, ransomware, email hijacking]
Inadvertent acts [deletion, misfiling, erroneous data entry, incidental disclosures]
Natural disasters [power outage, flood, fire]
Technology Failures and Snafus

Here’s how it works. Schedule an intake consultation.  The consultation takes about 40 minutes.

The information derived from the intake consultation is used to complete a HIPAA mandated risk analysis.  And, you receive recommendations on how to improve your information security and what action steps are required to comply with HIPAA.

Don’t be fooled. It is not enough to have encrypted software. The threats to health information are grave. A systemic approach is in order. Discover what you can do. What you need to do.

Failure to complete a full and accurate Risk Analysis is 1 of the top 3 rationales for HIPAA violations and fines.

Device configurations and User and devices’ inventories are available at an additional cost and not included.

See the STAT Privacy Pak for a full line of STAT Privacy start-up services and products. The cost of the STAT Risk Analysis is included in the STAT Privacy Package or it can be purchased here separately.

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Statistics reflect that Business Associate Agreements account for approximately 20% of the health care breaches.
Business Associates are the people and entities that health care providers and health plans contract with to provide services. Business Associate can include accountants, IT professionals, and consultant.

Under the HIPAA Rule, health care providers and health plans must enter into Business Associate Agreements [BAA] with their respective services providers whereby the service provider covenants and agrees to maintain the privacy and security of identifiable personal information.

New regulatory changes went into effect in September of 2013, Business Associate Agreements must be changed going forward. Get the update Business Associate Agreement tailored to you and let us help you identity your Business Associates.