Security Policies, Procedures, and Forms

Security Policies, Procedures, and Forms


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The HIPAA Security Rule has 18 Security Standards and 42 required and address Security Implementations.

The HIPAA Standards Manual includes the HIPAA required Security policies, procedures, and forms :


Confidentiality Policy
Security Management
Information System Activity Review
Assigned Security Responsibility
Workforce Security
Information Access Management
Security Awareness and Training
Security Incident Procedures
Incident Report and Response
Contingency Plan
Business Associates Contracts and other Arrangements
Contingency Operations
Facility Access Controls
Workstation Use
Workstation Security
Device and Media Controls
Technical Safeguards
Access Control
Audit Controls
Mechanism to Authenticate Electronically Protected Health Information
Person or Entity Authentication
. Transmission Security: Encryption


Staff HIPAA Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement
Personal Device Certification
Network Authorization Form
Statement of Work Authorization Form
HIPAA Incident Investigation Summary Report Form
Certificate of Destruction
Network Authorization Form Log
Accounting Log Form
Recovery and Emergency Mode Operations Plan

All forms are electronic pdf adobe forms, which allow you and your patients, Business Associates, and staff to insert and information, complete and send.

The Manual is is easy to read plan english with a smart forms links and table of contents.

This product does not include a Risk Analysis, Notice of Privacy Practice, or Business Associate Agreement Template or privacy policies, procedures, or forms.  These products are available separately or included in our STAT Privacy Pak.  Visit our home page to learn more or go to

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Statistics reflect that Business Associate Agreements account for approximately 20% of the health care breaches.
Business Associates are the people and entities that health care providers and health plans contract with to provide services. Business Associate can include accountants, IT professionals, and consultant.

Under the HIPAA Rule, health care providers and health plans must enter into Business Associate Agreements [BAA] with their respective services providers whereby the service provider covenants and agrees to maintain the privacy and security of identifiable personal information.

New regulatory changes went into effect in September of 2013, Business Associate Agreements must be changed going forward. Get the update Business Associate Agreement tailored to you and let us help you identity your Business Associates.