What a Moose of Trademark Case? 

When it comes to trademarks, it not just about words.  Trademark protections extends to words, images and, sounds.
Have you heard of Moosehead beer?  Well, they are hopping mad about Hop’N Moose Brewing Company.  Moosehead beer has been in existence since 1931.  Hop’N Moose Brewing Company began using an image of moose in connection with its beer in 2014.  After several cease and desist letters, Moosehead sued Hop’N Moose Brewing Company.

To prove its case, Moosehead must show that Hop’N Moose Brewing Company’s use of the moose will lead to customer confusion as to who is the make or manufacture of the beer.

The founder of Hop’N Moose Brewing Company reports ‘he chose the animal for the brewery’s logo because growing up in Quebec his family often went moose hunting.’ https://vtdigger.org/2017/11/05/canadian-beer-maker-hopping-mad-over-rutland-brewpubs-moose/#.WgBm52hSyUk
However, the reason for choosing the moose is immaterial.  Trademarks [unlike copyright and patents] is not about protecting the trademark owner.  It is about protecting consumers.

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