When Can You Use Franchisor Outlets to make an FPR?

_DSC6293Yes. No. Maybe. If franchisor owned outlet data can be used for franchise financial performance representation, it depends on:

  • If there are franchise outlets
  • What can kind of representations are being made, and
  • If the franchisor owned outlet data is used alone are with franchise outlets

The NASAA’s [North American Securities Administrator Association] Franchise and Business Opportunity Project Group [Franchise Project Group] has released, for internal and public comment, a Proposed Franchise Commentary on Financial Performance Representations [FPR Commentary].
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In the FPR Commentary, clarity is provided about when and what franchise financial performance representations [FPR] can be made using company [franchisor] owned outlets.
To better understand the ifs and whens and okays, we made a symmetric.
Company FPR
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